Atlantic KET Med: A Transnational Advanced Pilot Manufacturing Ecosystem for Future Biomedical Products

Atlantic KET Med (AKM) is bringing new, high tech, pilot production capacity to the EU Atlantic Area in support of SMEs and Start-ups using the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) to produce Next Generation medical devices.
AKM offers direct support to companies to enhance their: Innovation management, Value Chain Analysis, Tech specific education, research access, and much more.

AKM will be working for greater integration of KETs into Atlantic Area Education, Production, and Innovation.

Pilot Production

One of the key aspects targeted through Atlantic KET Med is the provision of better and more open access to high tech pilot production facilities.

A network of KET experts form the core of the project consortium. These institutions will work directly with companies and other stakeholders to develop both the large scale development strategy for the Atlantic Area regions as well as case by case specific product development strategies for novel biomed products. These world class facilities will be providing admission to their campuses for companies through hot desk facilities as well as a limited number of advanced case studies which will provide deep technical support for a novel product.

Future Biomedical Products

  • Engage with companies using Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in medical devices etc.
  • Develop access procedures for KET based manufacturing
  • Provide Access to develop new products

Regional Competitiveness

  • Direct Support of Individual Companies through Value Chain Analysis, innovation training, technology training, and pilot access.
  • Regional specific policy advice in Education & KET infrastrcture
  • Linking the Atlantic Area stakeholders to tackle future challenges head on
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Interreg Atlantic Area are funding Atlantic KET Med through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which enables these essential supports to be offered to the Med tech companies at no cost.

Transnational cooperation will enable interregional hot desks, round table workshops, and technical case studies to be conducted utilising the powerful, but disperse, resources already available within the Atlantic Area. Intraregional collaboration within the Atlantic Area ensures that stakeholders are all facing similar challenges in terms of ease of access and compulsory flexibility in travel that more central actors may not encounter. These shared constraints will help to build a network and ecosystem of companies, business support organisations, and research & technology organisations that will achieve sustainable growth and increased competitiveness through tailored solutions and shared understanding.

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