…beginning to lead to enhanced revenue… extremely beneficial

-Manchester Biogel

Manchester BIOGEL is a leader in the design and manufacture of 3D synthetic peptide hydrogels that are redefining cell culture for life science. Our biologically relevant PeptiGels® mimic the cell micro-environment and have tunable properties to simulate the natural environment of all human tissues. Our PeptiGels® are specifically designed and tailored to overcome the key limitations with current biomaterials for regenerative medical applications. They are 100% ethical, animal free and chemically defined, and are supplied with no batch to batch variability. This gives users the confidence to achieve reliable and consistent results every time, and with the adage of being clinically translatable, they open the door for the delivery of life changing therapies.

Manchester BIOGEL was delighted to be one of the companies selected to take part in the VCA process. Talking through our company’s product and process portfolio with the consortium definitely helped us assess our innovation practices. This led us to expand the application and reach of our peptide hydrogel products which is beginning to lead to enhanced revenue generation. The outcome from the VCA process also identified a significant number of potential new customers and collaborators across the full network, and beyond. This has been extremely beneficial and we are currently working to progress this by being introduced to and beginning to engage with these newly identified potential stakeholders. The consortium has been very open, friendly and extremely easy to engage with. All in all, a very useful and engaging process.