“Value Chain Analyses was particularly useful “


Spheritech is a micro-SME concentrating on medical device development.  This includes development of antimicrobial tissue repair scaffolds for wound healing and regenerative medicine.  Spheritech has 2 tissue repair scaffolds based upon natural peptide hydrogels, Proliferate® and Trabeculate® which have been proven in-vivo for cartilage repair, and CNS repair.  The company have also invented an artificial blood, Viveresis® which is currently in development for transplant organ maintenance.  The platform technologies under development also include diagnostics, drug delivery and CAR-T cell cancer therapy.

Spheritech were privileged to be take part in the VCA process. The VCA process helped us to focus in specific areas of development. Interactions with other members of the consortium were limited due to the largely academic focus of the consortium members with connections to the company’s technology.  However, the Product Specific Value Chain Analyses was particularly useful and BioNow were exceptional in delivering the programme.