Alpha Nov
ALPhANOV is the Optical and Laser Technology Centre for “Route des Lasers” competitiveness cluster in the French Aquitaine Region. ALPhANOV acts as a “technological amplifier” in the field of photonics, bringing innovative solutions for research activities, SMEs and large companies. More than 500 customers worldwide have trusted in ALPhANOV added value in aeronautics, electronics, automotive, energy, and biomedical areas for instance. ALPhANOV aims four main missions:

  • To promote laboratory research, through technological transfer and TRL increase
  • To facilitate products development through collaborative projects
  • To assist in the creation and development of spin-off companies ▪ To provide resources and services in optics and lasers

Fields of expertise:

  • Laser micro-machining: Development of new laser processes on a wide range of materials (metals, glasses, ceramics, polymers, plastics, silicon…) for a broad range of applications (cutting, drilling, marking, engraving, ablation, surface texturing and functionalization…)
  • Laser sources: Design of innovative laser sources (high power, high energy, new wavelength…), based on the latest cutting-edge technologies (Photonic Crystal Fibers, micro-components, integrated optics, frequency conversion…)
  • Fiber components: Specialty optical fibers interfacing and integration (rod-type, micro-structured and hollow-core fibers…), various optical fiber assemblies, high power and high precision pump combiners, mode fields adapters…
  • Laser and optical systems: Development of laser and optical full systems from optoelectronic subsystems to complex laser devices and platforms
  • Imaging and vision: Design of machine vision, terahertz spectroscopy and imaging systems
  • Light/living tissues interaction: Laser-assisted bioprinting, laser surgery in ophthalmology or dentistry, cancer detection and treatment…