Education Needs Report for Biotech/KET-using SMEs across the Atlantic Area

The Atlantic KET MED consortium carried out a survey on the training needs of Biotech/KET-using SMEs across the Atlantic Area, covering France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK. Using the results of the survey, the partners wished to provide the companies with bespoke training as per their future manufacturing needs.

The report is mainly focused on interregional needs, paying some attention to the differences in various regions. However, the majority of the topics and challenges identified span across all of the regions. This report formed the solid basis for the design of the training modules developed in the framework of the Atlantic KET MED project, all of which are available on the Atlantic KET MED YouTube channel. A total of 43 organisations filled in the survey from 5 European countries (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK).

The report covers specialised training needs for staff, on the job trainings and training needs (including preferred training format and duration, topics, innovation, KETs and Medical Business).

The AKM consortium hope that this report will be useful to ensure that future manufacturing and training needs of companies are met across the Atlantic Area.

The report can be accessed here: