Map of AKM identified companies

The Atlantic Area (A.A.) has a huge array of companies at the cutting edge of technology development in the Medical Device & Med Tech sectors. As part of the large-scale assessment of capacity in Atlantic Europe, Atlantic KET Med has developed a Heat Map showing how a selection of these companies can be considered in terms of large-scale strategic development in the A.A. and Europe.

Societal Challenges

Atlantic KET Med uses Value Chain Analysis to help companies develop and position new products in the Medical Device/ Med Tech space. The analysis methodology has been adapted to assess how pilot production in the KETs can assist companies to address interregional Societal Challenges in the Atlantic Area. The process places companies in a space on the value chain that addresses a societal challenge.

Societal Challenges have been identified by crosslinking known regional strengths and development goals with Horizon 2020 funding calls. H2020 has already undertaken a rigorous process of assessment in determining how to allocate their funding calls; these have been used to align the Atlantic Ket Med Societal Challenges with the EU priorities.

Heat Map

The Atlantic KET Med heat map organizes companies into elements of a region spanning value chain. This demonstrates the broad capacity of the A.A. to address the defined challenges. The Heat Map is also a guide for companies on how they can craft transnational partnerships and position collaborations for maximum effect.

Companies are encouraged to review the Map and contact AKM to add or adjust their information.