Atlantic KET Med is building connections throughout Atlantic Europe. At the very heart of the European Union is the knowledge that we are ‘Stronger Together’, this same concept is true for the Atlantic KET Med network.

AKM has undertaken a painstaking review of companies in the programme area and has generated a Heat Map of complementary companies linked by common themes and Societal Challenges. This Heat Map will form the basis of carefully curated Strategic alliances aiming to build robust commercial Value Chains within the Atlantic Area.

A complementary network of Technical alliances will support the commercial alliances: engaged expert technical institutions will provide technical consultation and access to cutting-edge KET enabled pilot manufacturing and processing facilities.

Atlantic KET Med will be providing Hot Desk access to Partner Organizations to enhance interregional cooperation and will be actively undertaking a number of trans-national case studies to prove how competitive the Atlantic KET Med Ecosystem, and the Atlantic Area in general, is.

AKM will continue to work toward the enduring growth and expansion of the AKM Ecosystem by mapping ALL relevant facilities in the area and analyzing these to determine a strategy for future development of an integrated and complimentary technical infrastructure capable of realizing the high potential of the KETs in next-generation medical devices.

Ecosystem Map

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