Supporting Businesses using KETs in Med Tech:

AKM has scrutinized the commercial capacity across the Atlantic Area to determine a strong strategic basis for partnerships based on analysis of the interregional value chains.

  • Selected companies, with a high potential to bring novel KET enabled products to the market, will be offered the opportunity to participate in the project where they will be supported directly through:
    • Innovation Audits–  AKM will work with selected companies for a one to one assessment of the company’s innovation practices. The process examines a number of key factors related to innovation and idea management. Findings will forma ‘roadmap’ for future innovation management. Companies will also be surveyed to identify common needs in training and education.
    • Product Specific Value Chain Analyses – the AKM Value Chain Analysis (VCA) is an in-depth exploration into a new or proposed product. The analysis is based on a numerical scrutiny of select factors determined to be critical for early-stage commercial success and sustainable growth. The process consists of three pillars: Technology Readiness Levels, Stakeholder Mapping, and Innovation Potential. Companies selected for the VCA will work with AKM to: develop a Value Proposition, identify the products System Model, and will be provided with a curated map of scored stakeholders that will aid market positioning while jump-starting customer outreach.
    • Access procedures – following a successful Value Chain Analysis the consortium will work with the company to identify and develop a pilot manufacturing access procedure which will progress the KET based product towards pilot or prototype production.
    • Assistance to Market Case Studies – The most competitive companies and products will be offered direct assistance in taking their product to market through access to the technical capacity of the AKM pilot production ecosystem. This valuable intervention will enable the technical resolution of an issue related to the Product examined in the VCA.
  • Broader supports to all companies will also be offered including:
    • New training and expertise in KETs, Industrie4.0, and Scalable Innovation,
    • Hot Desk access to key facilities in the ecosystem
    • Lobbying for improved Education Policy directly addressing the needs of regional companies