NUI Galway
NUI Galway is world-renowned as an expert research-led University. We emphasize inter-disciplinary research programmes, and collaborations with industry partners in areas of strategic importance, both regionally and nationally.

The medical technology sector in Ireland is recognized as one of five global emerging hubs. Eight of the world’s top ten med-tech companies are based here, and devices designed and made in Galway are saving lives all over the world. Galway is at the very heart of this development and NUI Galway is the powerhouse for much of this progress.

Our researchers focus on some of the major medical challenges that face the world today including cardiovascular disease, cancer, orthopaedic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. We are pushing the frontiers of science to create the technologies of the future. This will lead to better and more affordable health outcomes for patients.

The National Centre for Laser Applications (NCLA), part of the School of Physics at NUIG, is an industry focused, photonics research and application facility at the heart of NUIG. Extensive facilities and experience will available here for the pilot production of next-gen devices.

A multi-unit pilot-production facility within the NCLA allows the multiplexing of nanoscale laser processing, additive metal & polymer technology, along with precision biomaterial handling and deposition within a scalable set-up to enable the direct pilot production of the next generation of medical devices.

Laser processing equipment
Laser processing equipment
Laser processing equipment

Complimenting the NCLA and its pilot facilities is CÚRAM: A Science Foundation Ireland academic-industry-clinical ‘super centre’ designing the next generation of ‘smart’ medical devices.

The CÚRAM institute focuses on: Biomaterials and Drug Delivery, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Glycoscience, and Device Design. Close attention is also given to translation of research into Medical Devices as well as navigation of national and international regulations.