The Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela Foundation (FIDIS) is a non-profit foundation that promotes translational research, innovation, and teaching in the clinical area of the health areas of Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Cervo and Monforte. We are the biggest health research institution in the northwest of Spain supporting more than 1000 researchers linked to 80 research groups. To achieve this, we use innovation as a tool to transfer the results of research to society. In this process of translating knowledge, a key role is played by the business fabric of different areas: technological, food, pharmaceutical, with which FIDIS maintains close and permanent collaborations.

Our goal is to be a reference in specialized management and the promotion of research in the healthcare environment. We act as support for the research groups in all phases of the value chain of biomedical research in particular and in the area of health in general.

Our services are aimed at research groups in our field of work and aim to facilitate their management from all points of view: economic, organizational and human resources, and researcher. The main objective is to transfer to the society the new scientific knowledge in biomedicine. To do this, we promote research, offering advice, support, follow-up and support for resource management, while seeking new opportunities.


We also offer a set of Technological Platforms, at the service of our researchers and we also provide services to outside research centers and to the industry. These are research support units, characterized by their high strategic value, equipped with the latest technology and equipped with highly specialized personnel.