Supporting Businesses using KET’s in Med Tech

Atlantic KET Med (AKM) is an Interreg funded, coordinated action aiming to establish a Transnational Advanced Pilot Manufacturing Ecosystem for Future Biomedical Products. Featuring partners with expertise in the Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), AKM plans to provide bottom-up support to the ecosystem through direct support of SMEs as well as top-down support through educational and infrastructure policies.

Supporting Businesses using KETs in Med Tech:

  • 50 Innovation Audits: AKM will work with companies to assess and improve their Innovation Practices
  • 25 company specific value chain analyses supporting new products: AKM will provide an in-depth investigation into a new product that a company is planning. This technique helps the company to establish a good market fit at a very early stage
  • New training and expertise in KETs, Industrie4.0, and Scalable Innovation: Industry driven ½ day workshops throughout the regions
  • Hot Desks: Sponsored access to some of the top research and technology organisations in Europe
  • Access procedures for 25 separate processes in the pilot ecosystem: Company driven development of rigorous procedures that will enable the pilot production
  • 5 case studies: demonstrate opportunities for pilot manufacturing ecosystem – targeting a product to market by project end + 1yr
  • Supporting Atlantic Area Regions for Pilot Manufacturing using KETs in Med Tech:
    • Education Policy: regional specific policy derived for company needs
    • Improved Access to pilot infrastructure: development and mapping of existing equipment
    • Identification of missing/under-utilized technical resources: Roadmap for future development with the KETs

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